GQ’s Gods of Rock Are Eminem & Lil Wayne

GQ’s Gods of Rock Are Eminem & Lil Wayne and both appear alongside Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards for the November 2011 cover for the magazine. These two men are the biggest stars in the music industry no matter how you look at it. They have become household names and have been around for years still producing hit tracks time after time.

Eminem told the magazine that he is wired different from how normal people are wired. At times he wishes he wasn’t wired the way he is, but at the same time he is very grateful for who he is. He explains, “I’ve realized that the way I am helps with the music. Sporadic thoughts will pop into my head and I’ll have to go write something down, and the next thing you know, I’ve written a whole song in an hour. But sometimes it sucks, and I wish I was wired like a regular person and could go have a f—in’ drink. But that’s the biggest thing about addiction: When you realize that you cannot — for f—’s sake, you cannot— f— around with nothing ever again.”

GQ Senior Editor Will Welch explained why and how they came up with announcing that in their eyes they see Eminem and Lil Wayne as Gods of Rock. He begins to explain, “We wanted to answer the question: Who are the living legends out there that have survived against all adversity? It has to be people who are still incredibly influential. It can’t be somebody who has been through hell and back and reached a zenith in their career in 1976 and isn’t still relevant and isn’t still making music.”

There was a time frame when Eminem took about five years off from producing music due to having a serious addiction problem to prescription drugs. He has stated that the drug addiction took away five years of his life due to not really remembering what had happened in those lost years. Eminem made his comeback and now he is moving in full force with his career and personal life.

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