Lady Gaga Touches Jersey Shore Deena’s Boob

Deena may not have been an original cast member but she came in and made the family whole. Deena teamed up with her gal pal Snooki taking on the team name of “The Meatballs” and making the presence and friendship known. Deena had an interview recently with Perez Hilton where she talks about everything from Jersey Shore Season 5 to her experience at the 2011 MTV Music Video Award Show.

Regarding her time in Italy she said she was shocked that it was actually the college kids from the US that gave them the most issues and that the locals were nicer then expected. She says Season 5 is “insane” with a completely new vibe since they have all grown much closer with one another. Deena is a Jersey Shore local living only 20 minutes from the house they filmed in. Deena says nothing about the show is staged and the Mike and Ronni fight was very real. She also went on to talk about the Deena dictionary and what some of her terms mean. Such as “backpack” is in refrence to someone following you around.

Deena’s all time favorite day of her life was attending the 2011 MTV Music Video Award Show. She was glowing as she talks about Lady Gaga grabbing her boob and Beyonce making her way over to them showing her true beauty as she told them they were her favorite show. Aside from Lady Gaga and Beyonce she said Neo also made it a point to come over and shake their hands.