Sexy Photos Of Curvy Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is currently in Madrid, Spain and is making sure that the world remembers how curvy her sexy Puerto Rican body is. She leaves her hotel in a pair of tight jeans and a turtle neck; but damn her body is looking absolutely perfect in this outfit. Lopez also stops to greet and meet fans that were waiting outside of the hotel. Don’t forget to follow her @JLo via Twitter and read up on Nicole Kidman Films “Grace Of Monaco” Scenes to see what is new in the celebrity world.

Best & Worst Red Carpet Appearances

When it comes to red carpet appearances we’ve seen it all. I mean we’ve seen some of the most glamours and beautiful outfits to the wildest and wackiest ones. Celebrities each year work long and hard on making their red carpet moments memorable ones. ¬†While some will glam it up to look their very best others will go out their way to stand out any way they can.

When it comes to beauty and glamour many celebrities have hit the fashionista lists making it truly difficult to choose an absolute best. Jennifer Lopez has to be one of the most talked about when she made her appearance the green dress that everyone loved to hate and truly made many green with envy. Lopez opened up the fashion word and made it ok to bare all (or close to) on the red carpet.

While there may be many fighting over the best dressed title there is one celebrity that time and time again manages to reach the top of the worst/wackiest/insane red carpet appearances. If you haven’t guessed by now its none other then the infamous Lady Gaga. Gaga manages to top herself year after year with the most shocking appearances.